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What The Shape Of Your Butt Can Say About Your Health

The shape of your but can say a lot about your health. It is known that where the fat is stored on the body can tell a lot about your health.  For example, any fat storages near your chest are more dangerous than fat storages on your butt or your hips area.Show more text

You should know that fat stored on your hips can keep fatty acids away from your heart, arteries and your liver. This is a really good thing because it lower your risk of diabetes and some kind of heart diseases. You also should know that your body has the power to decide where the fat will be stored.

So, if you have a bigger butt, this is not a bad thing at all. Below you will find what the shape of your butt can say about your own health.


A square shaped butt can means that the person has some fat around the love handles. In this case, you can do some simple core exercises in order to reduce the fat around the waist.


This type of butt has a good and healthy shape. But, there can be some fat storages around the top of the upper part of the glutes.


This is the most wanted butt shape. In this case, the fat is stored in the upper thighs. This bottom shape tend to lose fat very quick and easy when woman ages so it is better to lose fat now for your future health.


This butt shape is very common with older women. If you have this kind of bottom is very important to start losing fat right away in order to protect your heart.


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