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How to use the plant named “God’s Gift” to Cure more than 100 Diseases

We can say that onion is one of the healthiest veggies and has numerous health benefits. It contains diet B6, C, manganese and nutritional fiber.Show more text

Onions can kill micro organism and germs, can enhance the immune system and alter blood sugar. The intense green tops of inexperienced onions are a great source of nutrition A.
Your heart will be more healthy if you consume uncooked onion. It can also prevent cancer and lowers the danger of gastric ulcers due to the scavenge of unfastened radicals.

You can use onion to expel pollution from your organism. It can be a good air purifier and the phosphoric acid will purify your body and ruin the germs and micro organism that can give you the flu.
Put the onion slices at the bottom of your feet. This area of your body is connected to your inner organs. The bottom of the feet are a map of your body. Shoes can make your meridians dormant, so walk barefoot as much as you could.
Be sure the onion slices are flat circles and put them at the bottom of both feet. Put your cotton socks on and go to sleep.
Onions will purify your blood, due to the fact that the phosphoric acid which will be absorbed through the pores and skin.

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