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Why You Should Use Cabbage Leaves On Your Breasts

Cabbage leaves are used by so many women for various reasons. Just like other vegetables, cabbage has some amazing benefits for our body and our health.”Show

Today is your lucky day because we have here all the answers that you need about cabbage leaves and their benefits. Below you will find why so many women chose to use those cabbage leaves.

  1. Cabbage leaves and breastfeeding

Cabbage leaves reduces breast inflammation and relive any pain that breastfeeding can cause. Cabbage leaves act like a cold compress, so you will feel better right after you apply them on your breast.

If you have breast inflammation and swelling, you can put some cabbage leaves on the fridge for about 2-3 hours and use them as cold as you can in order to reduce the inflammation and get rid of any swelling and pain.

  1. Use cabbage leave for Engorgement and Weaning

If you want to use cabbage leaves for engorged breast, make sure that those leaves are cold. You can use any kind of cabbage you want, green or red, the color is not important at all. You have to refrigerate the head of the cabbage and peel off the outer layer of leaves because you do not need to use the first layer.

You also have to rinse well the leaves before you use them in order to remove any kind of pesticides, dirt and residue.

Tip: You can use a bra in order to keep the cabbage leaves in place because you have to use them like you use a cold compress.

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