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This HERB will Destroy your Desire for Nicotine! Learn how to grow it

It can be very hard to quit smoking and everybody knows is a harmful habit. You get your addiction from nicotine, the substance you find in the cigarettes. Physically, the symptom can last for a week, but the craving for nicotine can last longer.Show more text

The herb that can help you with this addiction and you can grow in your own home is Stevia. Stevia can block the craving signals for nicotine from the brain and will help you stop drinking and smoking.

Stevia is a member of the chrysanthemum family, native to Paraguay and has been used as a sweetener for many years.

Put a few drop of Stevia directly on the tongue whenever you need to smoke a cigar. The craving will stop instantly.

Stevia can be found in powder or liquid form in healthy food stores.

Stevia can also regulate blood pressure, fight against weight problems, is a great treatment for acne and dermatitis and can be used as facial mask. Stevia tightens, nourishes and softens the skin.

This herb likes sun, so keep it in direct sunlight. The root can survive in zone 8 if it is protected, in zone 9 and warmer. Use good-quality, loose, loamy, well-drained soil in 12-inch containers. Leave 18 inches free space for the plant to grow 1-3 feet in height. Plant the herb after the frost pass. To prevent it from dying in the summer, use compost and mulch. To prevent rotting, it needs good drainage. Trim off the flowers, in autumn. Take the leaves in the autumn, because they are sweeter then. Let some leaves to dry outside in the sun to use them longer.

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