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Get Rid Of Snoring With These Homemade Remedies

In these days, many people have snoring problems. It is not funny at all, because a snoring partner can be very annoying. Snoring can cause sleep deprivation for you and your partner and this is a really serious problem.

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Excessive snoring accompanied by daytime fatigue can be a sing of obstructive sleep apnea which is a very important health issue. We have here for you the best natural remedies which will help you to get rid of snoring.

How to clear your nasal passages

  • Using aromatherapy

Aromatherapy can treat very well your snoring problem. Essential oils can reduce inflammation and swelling in the sinuses and open up your air passages.

You can use essential oils like mint, lemon or lavender.

  • Using herbal teas

Herbal teas can help you to clear your nasal passages very quick and easy. You have to drink warm herbal tea 30 minutes before going to sleep. You can drink Chamomile tea because it has some powerful anti-inflammatory and calming properties. You can also drink mint, eucalyptus and nettle tea.

  • Tips:

Avoid smoking and alcohol consumption before going to bed.

Use apple cider vinegar steam to treat congestion. You just have to add some vinegar in a bowl of steaming hot water, bend over it and breathe in the apple cider vinegar steam.


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