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These Are The Best 9 Exercises To Reduce Love Handles

If you have fat deposits on the sides of the waist that means you have poor eating habits or you consume too much alcohol. Get rid of the junk food and burn the excess fat. Also, some women gain weight when their body prepares for childbirth and they undergo a lot of hormonal changes.

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The best exercises to reduce love handles are:

  1. Bicycle Crunch. You can visible reduce waistline in 3-4 weeks of continuous exercise.
  2. Plank Crunch. This is a difficult and very effective exercise.
  3. One Hand Toe Touch. You will burn excess fat from the lower abdomen and waist with this exercise.
  4. Front Bends. Twist and turn your abdominal muscles and reduce love handles.
  5. Side Stretching. This is a great relief exercise for people who suffer from shoulder and back problems.
  6. Knee Drop. You must use an exercise ball, or a ball made with a towel.
  7. Donkey Kicks – Sideways. This is a good exercise for your lower body, because it strengthens the limbs and tones the muscles.
  8. Side Squats. This is effective for your thighs and waistline and also tones the lower body.
  9. Side Kicks. This excellent cardio exercise will reduce the love handles.

Start today with the best exercises for love handles and you will see the results in a short time. Don’t forget that nutrition is very important for your body and health and you should not ignore it.


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