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9 Women’s parts things men never knew about

Every guy wants to satisfy a woman and they need to know some secrets about her body parts.

Their lady part doesn’t stretch. They may stretch, but they come back to their original shape.

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It takes more time for arousal. A woman gets turned on with some effort and you need to play the right moves.

It it’s dry, it won’t be good for her. It must be aroused first if you want her to feel pleasure.

They look different on most women. Everything varies, the shape, smell, color.

Getting off is really a task. A woman can’t get off easy only by penetration. You should include her body parts in the act of love.

On theirs periods, women have sore bosoms. You may not make love in that time of the month.

The speculation of the G-spot. Experts are in doubt if the G-spot exists. If there is a G-spot, then it is an extension of the nerves of the clitoris.

The smell changes. This does not always happen in a good way. The private parts can smell very bad sometimes, which means it can be an infection. You should let her know when it’s time for a doctor’s appointment.

It leaks fluids. This is a sign that her private parts are in good health.

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